Ready to Purchase a Home?

Step #1

Preferably, we can meet at one of the Cummings & Co. offices in Ruxton, Lutherville or Canton to discuss your goals, needs, areas of interests regarding buying a home.  At this meeting, I will ask that you review a buyer’s brokerage agreement, so as a buying agent I can properly commit to you with the information you will need in order to purchase a property in the state of Maryland.  The laws are ever changing, and as a licensed realtor, I have the qualifications to guide you through this very important transaction.

Step #2

I can recommend a list of other professionals from which you can choose, and most likely need to consult with, such as;  mortgage lenders, title companies and home inspectors who can discuss with you, the details of securing a loan, estimating your closing expenses and conducting a home inspection.

Step #3

Start looking at houses!  I can make it Super Easy - Allow me to set you up on an automatic email system which will send you instant updates on properties meeting your criteria as the properties are listed, as they are reduced or have a status change.  No other real estate site can give you this accurate, speedy information - You will hear it as soon as the listing agent enters it into the system.  This is Awesome and will give you a first shot at seeing properties that look interesting to you!

Cummings & Co agents live and work in downtown Baltimore, Homeland, Ruxton, Lutherville and the various valleys of Baltimore county.  For decades, we have known our neighbors and are aware of people wanting to sell.  Our ears are to the ground, and that first hand information is crucial in finding our buyers their ideal homes.

Step #4

I can prepare a Maryland State Purchase Agreement/Contract for you and walk you through the many steps of executing.

Step #5

I will guide you through the journey of conducting home inspections and meeting the deadlines of financing.  Getting the proper information to a tile company in a timely fashion is highly critical as well, so settlement can happen on time.  There are many details in the process, and my experience can help expedite the process for you so your purchasing process is enjoyable.

Step #6

Congratulations!  You own a new home.   How Awesome!